It's hard being a president. I got a wife and kids. Kids are also hard. Every day I wake up I am in a good mood.
I like my job it's just hard. I was put into history. 'The Boy Who Stopped A War'. I was famous. Being famous three times gets old. I am a president now, I stopped a war and I had a dad who was famous witch made me famous in school. Right there is a lessen. Being famous gets old. It really does.

5/28/2010 07:04:29 pm

I really liked the way that you wrote this story, it has an interesting perspective. Have you read any stories similar to this one to give you the idea? Well done!

6/1/2010 11:15:40 pm

I like the way you ended your story! The whole thing itself is good as well. Nice work! :)


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