When we finally got to China I stopped. I had to build something. I don't know what hit me. I sat down in the dirt. Picked up some random metal pieces and tools left in the exact place we were. The tools are what hit me. In about three hours I had created some kind of large gun that shot out like big bullets filled with gunpowder. I called it a Bazooka. It sounded funky but matched up with the gun perfectly. The bug war started in about an hour so we had to rush. When we got there we were in the middle of where they meet in the middle, shake hands and begin. We could see them in the distance. Slowly marching to us. When they finally got to us they all pointed there guns at me. "look it is the wanted boy" said one of the Russian soldiers.Then out of the blue came commander Young May came. "He blew up my camp" he barked . You could see the burn mark on his face. It went from his eye to his neck. You could absolutely tell he was not happy. "Wait" I hollered." We shouldn't war. This war was over my dads death. of course I am sad but no need to start a war over it. We shouldn't war ever. I say we shall stop it. The death of my dad was years ago. This was started in 1010" I said like I was a president. "Why should we listen to you wanted boy" said one of the Chinese soldiers. "because I don't like war and I bet a whole lot of you don't either" I barked. "He is right, truce" said the Russian emperor. "Absolutely, three cheers for the un-wanted boy". I couldn't believe it. I had just stopped a war. That easily. Dina came up and kissed me on the cheek. I blushed.    

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