I had no were to go. I know I had to go north but couldn't seem to find any tracks of the war. It seemed like nothing was ever there and that there was no one there. Then I saw something in the distance. It was a person, a girl about my age maybe older.She was Russian but why walk to China? I saw that she was holding a gun and where there is a gun there is gun powder. When she was close enough to me that I could see what her face looked like I was breath taken. She was quite charming. I can't think about romance while the war is going on. It would ruin my survival out here. She walked up to me and to my surprise she was holding a gun up to me. "I've seen you on the wanted posters" she said. "you have!" I said with a gasp. I started to run but she grabbed me and through me to the ground. She was a tough girl, I could tell. "where do you think your going" she barked. She had a strong Russian accent. " wait, don't hurt me, I am just trying to stop the war" I whimpered. "why didn't you say so, me to" she grinned."my name is Dina". It turned out to be a good journey to, once again China. Apparently the war had moved back to China where the big war was about to begin, I had to stop it. I had a new friend, a new gun and a new plan. I was ready for anything and I mean anything.  

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