We have fought in three wars witch makes me feel bad, really because I going against my own country but that was not the worst part I killed people from my own country and that is like a double agent , no one wants to be a double agent from their own country. Right? It seems like every time I am in trouble I get other people in trouble. This time it was different. I got Yuko and his family killed in one of the wars.My fault because I got them their. I lost count of the days but one day at the Chinese camp I got a hold of some gun powder by taking down some guards while I was on a new escape plan and figured out that gun powder is my friend and to stay alive I needed it. I tracked the gun powder all over the camp while every one except some night guards( the ones I took down ) was asleep. So when I got to the oil taker I had used all the gun powder then I grabbed a gun, lit the gun powder ,ran off into the distance and waited until the place blew up and it did. Not one survivor. That I know of. 

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