It was after the explosion that I found out that an under cover resistance was giving one way tickets to America for anyone. Chinese or Russians. It was my chance out of here but then I remembered my risk, the thing I was determined to do so I took Yuko and his family to the resistance so they could leave. On the way to the resistance we met up with a dirty and shot up car, army car. It turned out to be the resistance but while riding in the car we turned into a military camp and then I felt a cloth tie around my mouth and ropes tie around my body. We had been tricked, there was no resistance.
           So it turned out to be a army set up made by the military and they made me become a solider for China. When we got inside the camp they tied us to our own poles and explained what they expected out of us. They also said the reason we are here witch was because we are all traders.

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