Ever since my family passed away I had a new mission, to stop the war. It was a risk I was willing to take and was also a risk I was determined to do. As are journey continued we saw a bomb, but not just any bomb. A bomb. It was being carried by the Russians, their was already wanted posters of me on them so should I stop the bomb? One small step into stopping the war. At first I snuck over to the bomb truck holding the bomb then I detonated it (witch I had learned from my dad)  and ran to some other bomb shed near by, a highly protected one and took everyone in, slammed the small, rusty door closed and then a big boom. Thankfully the bomb shed went about one hundred feet down with three large floors. We went all the way down. When we came back up everything was obliterated, nothing looked alive but that's because there was nothing their. That was still a good deed even though some people died witch were the guards and the driver. I feel terrible about killing but if I want to stop a war I have to do what I have to do.

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