We are still looking for our families but we have found clues like our families last name on two list, one for Russia and one for China that goes to some kind of jail that makes them war. I was frozen for maybe five minutes then Yuko snapped me out if it so then we left the abandon army cars and me up at the train station. When we were both there we decided to stay there for the night but then a sudden pain in the back made me pass out and I realized that we were not the only ones in there.
            When I woke up I was, once again in a cell and so was Yuko. At first I had a terrible thought of what would happen to us until I saw some Russians walk passed me witch was helped my nervousness but still did not tell me why I'm in this cell. At first they came up to me and told me why I'm in here witch was quite ovious since I was working with Yuko and then Yuko yelled "NO!" and I saw why. His parents were in a cell to but they didn't look alive, they weren't moving and the cell was open. Maybe they were just weak because I saw Yuko's father open his eyes and look around so I took a risk, I reached out and strangled one of the guards then Yuko saw me and did the same with the other guard. I took the key from one of them and opened the cell then Yuko and I picked up his family, through them on our backs and ran.

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