I was ten years old and me and my family were in a bomb shed. Ever since Russia attacked China everyone is bombing everyone and no one cares at all for the civilians, they just through us to the side. China has taken many Russians but Russia has fought like water on fire. While we were in the bomb shed I took a risk I shouldn't have, even though I was always smarter then others . I ran, I ran as fast as I could until I rope caught my foot, picked me up and of course I hit my head. I knew that I had been captured.
         Why was I captured, to work or to fight. Neither I liked especially after what they did to my dad so I struggled which was also a bad idea because they whipped me then handcuffed me so it turns out I don't have such good ideas but a large brain and tricky brain and someone as smart as me knows things. I quickly took a small piece of metal under my cell bed and with my teeth bent it in a weird shape then through it behind me an picked it up with my hands. Free at last.  In total I have spent a year in jail. When it comes to escaping the Chinese base I’m just not good, at all. I got caught and they shot me which hurt more then thirty bee stings  which isn't fun either. I have cell mates that like me  which is the only good part and that we are creating a plan to escape but the Chinese keep mocking us about how stupid we are.