Ever since my family passed away I had a new mission, to stop the war. It was a risk I was willing to take and was also a risk I was determined to do. As are journey continued we saw a bomb, but not just any bomb. A bomb. It was being carried by the Russians, their was already wanted posters of me on them so should I stop the bomb? One small step into stopping the war. At first I snuck over to the bomb truck holding the bomb then I detonated it (witch I had learned from my dad)  and ran to some other bomb shed near by, a highly protected one and took everyone in, slammed the small, rusty door closed and then a big boom. Thankfully the bomb shed went about one hundred feet down with three large floors. We went all the way down. When we came back up everything was obliterated, nothing looked alive but that's because there was nothing their. That was still a good deed even though some people died witch were the guards and the driver. I feel terrible about killing but if I want to stop a war I have to do what I have to do.

  I can't  find my family no matter were we look and I'm afraid something bad has happened. It's been two years and were still looking, we got Yuko's family to help but that hasn't help much. A couple months later I spot something in a blow up air craft and it moved. I run over, doesn't hurt to try but it turns out to be a stray dog and I feel sad again. Some weeks after that I find the greatest find yet. In a old bomb shed I found my dad's wallet and also found out I had gone in a big circle. I had also found my family in a corner and I then was scared. My family had moved on to a better place and a tear came out of my eye and I left without another word. When I came out I noticed something else, the bomb sounds were coming from the North in Russia, China was attacking.

           We are still looking for our families but we have found clues like our families last name on two list, one for Russia and one for China that goes to some kind of jail that makes them war. I was frozen for maybe five minutes then Yuko snapped me out if it so then we left the abandon army cars and me up at the train station. When we were both there we decided to stay there for the night but then a sudden pain in the back made me pass out and I realized that we were not the only ones in there.
            When I woke up I was, once again in a cell and so was Yuko. At first I had a terrible thought of what would happen to us until I saw some Russians walk passed me witch was helped my nervousness but still did not tell me why I'm in this cell. At first they came up to me and told me why I'm in here witch was quite ovious since I was working with Yuko and then Yuko yelled "NO!" and I saw why. His parents were in a cell to but they didn't look alive, they weren't moving and the cell was open. Maybe they were just weak because I saw Yuko's father open his eyes and look around so I took a risk, I reached out and strangled one of the guards then Yuko saw me and did the same with the other guard. I took the key from one of them and opened the cell then Yuko and I picked up his family, through them on our backs and ran.
           It was time to escape. Wait who is that opening the door, it was some Chinese teen and out of the blue he said "Lets go" and from that point I know he was a Chinese trader.The first thing he did was give me a gun then brought me out side then before I could say anything he through me in the car 
and we drove away. I couldn't say a word, I just stared but then we stopped at a abadon shed. When we went inside I was pushed into a wall then kicked and by the look in his eyes I could tell that he hated Russians but he did save me so I spared his life, he did give me a gun. So we both decided that we would help eachother find our familys so he took out a gun and I took out mine and we set of to find our familys, first Yuko's family.
        I was ten years old and me and my family were in a bomb shed. Ever since Russia attacked China everyone is bombing everyone and no one cares at all for the civilians, they just through us to the side. China has taken many Russians but Russia has fought like water on fire. While we were in the bomb shed I took a risk I shouldn't have, even though I was always smarter then others . I ran, I ran as fast as I could until I rope caught my foot, picked me up and of course I hit my head. I knew that I had been captured.
         Why was I captured, to work or to fight. Neither I liked especially after what they did to my dad so I struggled which was also a bad idea because they whipped me then handcuffed me so it turns out I don't have such good ideas but a large brain and tricky brain and someone as smart as me knows things. I quickly took a small piece of metal under my cell bed and with my teeth bent it in a weird shape then through it behind me an picked it up with my hands. Free at last.  In total I have spent a year in jail. When it comes to escaping the Chinese base I’m just not good, at all. I got caught and they shot me which hurt more then thirty bee stings  which isn't fun either. I have cell mates that like me  which is the only good part and that we are creating a plan to escape but the Chinese keep mocking us about how stupid we are.   


  I was born in the year 1000 in Russia. From a child to an adult all my life I had hated war. All my classmates every year made fun of me because war was my enemy. My dad and I were close until he died, I was sad but that didn't stop me from finding out who killed him. He was working for the Chinese.He was very important but one day he refused to give them the money he owed so the Chinese put him in jail for life. Then Russia heard so a war started, a bad one.