My Grandparents just flew in Saturday from America and I can't wait to spend time with them. On Sunday we went to Bubba Gumps with them and had lunch. We also shopped and went on the tram, I love the tram it is so cool. After that we went to the street shops and all got to buy something. The spring break is filled with Beijing and we get to see acrobatics and the Great Wall Of China. We are also going to Macao!!!

Hope everyone has a good Spring Break,
 I think the Exhibition for the Pink Dolphins 1 is going OK because all of my group including me SOMETIMES drift off on the computer and start drifting away from the Exhibition but other then that are group is pretty good. I think we all could do a bit more. Our booklets are almost caught up and I did my homework for today as everyone in my group did. Our mentor meetings are really great every time and flyers have been handed out and we trying to set a time for the field so I would say we are ALMOST ready for action.

It's going great,
.1. What are your thoughts about your exhibition problem?
My thoughts about my problem is that I think is is very specific because we want to save the Pink Dolphins in Hong Kong witch I think can't more specific.

2. Explain your ideas in as much detail as possible. Include thoughts about why your problem is important to you, how you may solve it, what trips you could go on.
To start with my group and I have decided to go to the Pink Dolphins Watching In Hong Kong.   I want to do the problem because I love Dolphins, any kind and if I ever had a chance to save them , witch now I do, I would take that chance and if I fail at least I tried.

3. How will your group work together? What are your own expectations of what people should do, act?
 I think the people in my group including me will work together by sharing parts in the S.M.A.R.T process and sharing the work. I think everyone including me should act caring and willing to do what ever it takes to save the Pink Dolphins.

4. Do you have any concerns about the exhibition? What do you hope to improve?
 I don't have any concerns but one. I hope the Pink Dolphins Watching In Hong Kong place will help us with our questions.
This Pic Is From

Save the Dolphins

“The environment is, arguably, our only legacy to our children; and during our brief span of life it is our duty to protect and conserve it, so that the following generations may find it even more worth cherishing.”
– Brian Morton: The future of the Hong Kong Seashore, 1979

Saving Dolphins (by Janet Walker)

The Marine Department's comment that dolphins are smart and know how to get out of the way of oncoming high speed ferries (June 2nd, 2007) shows an amazing lack of knowledge or concern for the environment under their care. We humans are upposed to be smart, yet thousands of us are killed by vehicles every year - it's the same problem: too much traffic & too many careless drivers.

Unfortunately, as Gordon Andreassend points out (June7th), there are many other problems to address too, if we want to think about saving the dolphins. Along with the existing problems of under-treated sewage, ferry traffic, over-fishing and net entanglement, everything now on the drawing board for Lantau needs to be reassessed. The Lantau Concrete (sorry, Concept) Development Plan is a piecemeal notion that talks of developing the north while "creating" eco-tourism in the south. We already HAVE eco tourism in the north - and it wasn't artificially created, the dolphins are indigenous inhabitants - but they get in the way of "progress". Has anyone ever done an EIA on the cumulative effects of all the development being thrown Lantau's way? From the airport and Disney through to the Macau-Zhuhai bridge, the Exxon-CLP 38 km pipeline from the Sokos to Black Point, and container terminal 10 at Tai O - these are all just a few more nails in the dolphins' coffin. It is ironic that in the UN International Year of the Dolphin and the 10th anniversary of the Handover year (remember the cute pink mascots?), those nails are going in as fast as we can hammer them.
 Today was the first day of book week and it was great!!! They kicked of with PJ's and different stories that people would kindly read to us. My favorite story was Skulduggery Pleasant. We only got to read a couple pages but I loved all of them and hope to read more.
Book Week Day 1 was Great, DAWSON
 My favorite central idea is....
Group 3  #1.) The way animals and humankind sees, cares, and effects the world
That is my favorite because it is very true in just a small sentence. 
I want to do endangered animals because my favotite animals are going extinct ( dolphins and whales) and I want to help. There are many other animals going extinct and I want to help them all.
           Some exampals of endangered animals are the siberian tiger, black rhino, kamodo dragon, and the African wild dog. Those are JUST EXAMPALS.
Today in Library Mrs.Hand told my class about book week and I think it sounds great. I can't wait for book week and I also hope my poster I making will get in Dymocks store, that would be cool and I also like PJ day. I really do like everything.
Omer's birthday was SO FUN because we had hot dogs and hamburgers  and we also played war with the huge bounce ball. We also watched the movie Beverly Hills Ninja witch was really funny. Near the end we had some cake and when it was almost time to go we played the ball war again.
It was fun:)
Today I went to the Buddhist Nunnery and it was amazing because there were so many things to look at and they have a amazing water fall and behind it is a restaurant and near the water fall is a water wheel and their is a pure gold temple and a pure gold stature. There also was a rock gallery and there is a gift shop with real things that cost a lot but anyway my favorite thing was the trees, it was truly my favorite thing.