I have done many things in my Exhibition group like, I made up the Marine Club and everyone liked it. I did the poster for the Marine Club to. I also did the Xtranormal although Phoebe did the script.
   I still have to get some petition signings, attach that to the letter I did but my mentor edited and send that to the person in Beijing. Of course some more things will come up for our club.
   I don't have any concerns about the Exhibition except for one. I am concerned about the club. We might not have much advertisement for it because of the time we have but I said might.
   I am really proud of when we (me and Omer) went on the field trip and got all our questions answered.
   The people that come to the Exhibition and come and look at our presentation will learn about Pink Dolphins, the action we took, why we chose this to be our topic and what we did.
5/3/2010 10:26:50 am

The marine club is a great idea. Sometimes the best ideas come when you are under pressure!


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