Welcome to my PTSC. All my favorite work is here or linked so please look at my work. This page is all about my best work and how well I am doing in school. You will get a chance to see my profiles, my best writing piece, math, UOI, and goals. Thank you for checking my work.

HERE is a link to my best writing piece. which is really my best because it had a lot of detail and time put into it.


HERE is a link to UOI (communities) which for my group is going pretty good.

HERE is a link to Profile1 2 and 3 is what I think I am like. HERE is another link to what I did on the holiday.

Goals (long and short term and new and old)
HERE is a link to my OLD goals and my NEW goals. I think I passed most of my old goals. I kept one old goal, it was read more because I don't think I read enough. The most important goal is I think do good on the exhibition.

HERE is a link to my best organized math work. From this piece I have learned how to add and subtract fractions. My Long term goal for math is to keep doing division. My Short term goal is to do mathletics. The hard thing for me is math stories because there so hard sometimes but sometimes there easy.
Thank You for looking at my work. Hoped you liked it.