We walk into the room, I am as nervous as you could be. It starts with me showing my PTSC blog. I showed my writing, UOI, goals, profiles and math. I think I am really good at writing because at my conference Andy showed me moving up on writing but he said I should write more and longer on my blog. I not good at math because I find it hard because I am not very good at math. Those were my strength to my weaknesses. I need to improve on reading more and bringing my homework on time and most importantly I need to improve on blogging more because me and Andy think I don't blog enough. I thought the PTSC went really well and better than last time. I think I had improved really well at the PTSC this time because everyone was really good with everything, I think I did good too. I think my mom's intrest was how well I was doing in writing. I hope everyone had a great PTSC.