On Saturday I went to the Kelly Clarkson concert in Macao!!! It was my first concert ever. It was also probably the best one I will EVER see in my entire life!!! About 98 percent of the song she sang I knew but of course I knew all of her songs. At the concert was also Thomas.S, Dorothy, Alice and I think Sidhonie went too. It was amazing and on this post I put a picture of Kelly Clarkson!!! Anyway I clapped but mostly watched because it was my first so I just wanted to watch. Kelly Clarkson was really good and she sang a lot of song she liked. I got to say that her band was really good too like at the beginning the band did a mash up. My favorite instrument that they played was either the guitar, drums or DJ (the DJ played really well but not my fav). This picture was for the concert in Macao