1. The thing my group did well was organizing our work and showing it off at the Exhibition. We also had good knowledge on Pink Dolphins and we were able too tell what we did when people asked us. We also had a good understanding on what people asked us (what they wanted to know).Our group found research and SOMETIME worked well together. Last we did really well when other group members had to go to jobs. When ever it was one of ours turn we managed the booth really well.

2. What I did well was tell people what I knew when people asked me and that when ever Omer and Phoebe was gone on a job I managed the booth really well. I also did really well on the jobs and I also did god in the process like helping with posters and finding research about Pink Dolphins. I also did the bibliography (Bib Me).

3. I think I could have improved on, through out the Exhibition goofing off. Sometimes I goofed off but I think that's what I need to improve on and maybe not being so shy when people come around. I did good but I was shy and nervous.  
This me and Omer at the Exhibition. Me and Omer are trying to save Pink Dolphins.
This is a picture of all of us wearing our Exhibition t-shirts. COOL!
This is when I took a picture of Dom by his stand. Dom is trying to save Sharks.
This video is short but it is when the 6th graders came to our Exhibition. I liked it because my brother is in 6th grade and I got to see him. I also got to see some people from 6th grade that were my friends too.