Camp, an exciting adventure filled with heights, climbing and fun! Every day you're either walking down a rock, flying across the sea, looking for something or climbing up a mountain, and of course who else could be better than APA (Asia Pacific Adventure) and all their hard working staff!!!

When we went to APA we were split into groups, The Oompa  Loopas, Purple Cobras and the X-rays but before that we had to make our tents.
Now About abseiling first you hook up and you then make sure everything is secure then you just walk down a steep rock and of course I was nervous so I went the second time with Mr.Birch and made it, of course that was not the only thing we did there was the star challenge were you get object by first doing an activity and then go by the compass and find a small trinket then bring it to a staff then you get a point. The zip line is were you go across the water on a line, it was fun.

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