Th cultural food festival was great!!! So many foods at the grasp of your hands(: I like trying new things so I did, I tried a little bit of something from ALMOST everywhere and ALMOST everything I tried was good. I also liked seeing all the different cultures we have at are school. It was amazing, Mexico to Holland and Holland to America and just to many to say!!! My top food was the Belgium waffles, Brownies and No Bakes from America, a couple things from Isreal, a coconut ball from India and lots of other thing but I not going to name the rest.
      We went to the Jewish Synagogue and it was a little boring but they told us that it was made in one year. It's name is Ohel Leah and has really old scrolls. It was cool but I wish we would have had a tour of the place but anyway the lady that talked to us was Anna Van De Berg and she told us about The Five Book Moses and were they stopped. We got to see one of the scrolls and that's it. At Christmas they use eight candles represent eight miraculous days that the small container of pure oil lasted after we beat the the Syrians. The ninth candle is used to light the rest of them.