Grade 5 Blog: Guidelines

Tell the truth.
No personal information.
Be careful what you write.
Do not post things you will regret.
Be respectful to other people and to their opinions.
I had my parent-teacher conference on October 15th, 2009 and it went great!!!! That day after going to my sister's conference I went to mine and what happened was my teacher and co-teacher were sitting in two chairs at a desk along with two more chairs for me and my mom then we talked about my goals and how I need to practice division and other things but anyway there is two goals you need to have for a topic. One a long term goal: something you want to achieve in a long period of time and a short term goal: something you want to achieve in a short period of time, it's very important. I went over my goals with my mom and teacher so I can become a better student.     




Have you ever had a fear that you hate, I have and it was being alone. I hate being alone especially out in the wilderness because you can get lost maybe even forever you never know. I also hate heights because what if I fall of a mountain and brake my bones or something like that, so if you have a fear that you really really don't like comment and tell me. Thank you.