The field trip was fun and we learned a lot of Christian things like what the bread and wine was for( the bread was for the body of Jesus and the wine was Jesus's blood). I'm a Christian and I think that this was fun. I took a look in the song book and it was cool. There were a lot of crosses and candles.
                                   Sikh Temple
     Today was a lot better than the Hindu Temple!!! We did a lot of stuff like eat curry, rice and some kind of soup. When it was time to go some where new inside the temple we first put are hands together and then bowed down and after that we got this kind of brown good stuff, well good to me. We also learned about the 5 K's: The sword, The comb, The hair, The shorts and The bracelets.
                                Hindu Temple
      Really the Hindu Temple was raelly, really boring! They didn't take us anywhere, we sat there listening to stuff I could kind of ungerstand but we did learn that the bell that was hanging over one of the statues was for good luck and for there religion there was one god with a million faces and a million arms. 
           AIR Reflection 5
AIR 5 was okay, it was not as fun as any of the other days but it was still a little fun. I liked the Pandora's Box but the dancing teachers, that was FUNNY!!!! The GYM stuff was kind of boring but ALMOST everything was good.
                                 AIR Reflection 4
   Yesterday we had AIR 4 and it wasn't as fun as AIR 3 beacause all we did was put the bottles together and put the eyes and mouth on. So it wasn't very fun, just boring. Yesterday we had a scond AIR, it was music.
   Monday we have another AIR, our last one so I looking forward to that.
                         AIR Reaflection3
Today I had a really fun time because we got to be really creative and use different colors on one bottle and I made a really good one that had red, white and blue stripes, a lot better than my first one so it was good and I made a lot of bottles, tons so I think it went well.
                     AIR Reflection
On November 10th, 2009 I did AIR with Miguel, that day we got started on colors and I was blue so I first had to find materials and then work on a real bottle so mine was made out of blue tissue paper it was cool but I think I could have been more creative. Next time I will be more creative and I hope to make it really good'
                        AIR Reflection
       Today we started AIR ( Artist In Residence) week and I think it's going to be great because we get to make a huge Rainbow Serpent using materials from recycling for example a big role of gold cloth.
      Are teacher this week is Miguel and he is an amazing artist, he showed us some of his drawings and they were awesome!!! I can just tell this is going to be a great week.
      My idea for the Rainbow Serpent uses these materials: black trash bags, gold cloth, different color materials, black bag, a red fish tail ( to be cut off from a toy) and styrofoam horns. Thanks for reading, bye.




Camp, an exciting adventure filled with heights, climbing and fun! Every day you're either walking down a rock, flying across the sea, looking for something or climbing up a mountain, and of course who else could be better than APA (Asia Pacific Adventure) and all their hard working staff!!!

When we went to APA we were split into groups, The Oompa  Loopas, Purple Cobras and the X-rays but before that we had to make our tents.
Now About abseiling first you hook up and you then make sure everything is secure then you just walk down a steep rock and of course I was nervous so I went the second time with Mr.Birch and made it, of course that was not the only thing we did there was the star challenge were you get object by first doing an activity and then go by the compass and find a small trinket then bring it to a staff then you get a point. The zip line is were you go across the water on a line, it was fun.
 I’ am a young boy with a wild imagination.
I wonder if they would accept me as a friend.
I hear the soft but viscous purr come out of their pitch black mouth.
I see the black splotches on an orange body slithering through the tall grass.
I want a leopard of my own.
 I’ am a young boy with a wild imagination.
I pretend to run with a big pack of leopards.
I feel their large tough licks on my face.
I touch the tough fur upon their skin.
I worry that they will be killed by hunters.
I cry inside when they die.
 I’ am a young boy with a wild imagination.
I understand they can’t live with me.
I say it is wrong to kill them.
I dream that I will get to hold one in my arms.
I try to not think about them dyeing out.
I hope that they don’t die out