Welcome to my student led conference. Today I will be talking to you about all the things I am proud of that happened to me through out the year. First I will talk about Math then Art and after that the Exhibition, Historical Fiction Story, Religions Essay, camp, goals, choir & the final thing is the Chinese Clothing UOI segment.


Math - I am really proud of my math improvement. I think moving down helped me learn better and even on the things I learned in the higher class I got a better understanding in this class. In my math journal I became more organized. I started to use mathletics more. I think I am better at math every day. I have become better at Fizz Buzz and I'm just really proud of myself. I used to have very messy work in my journal but now I have organized work. I am really proud of myself.

Art - I am really proud of my art improvement. I think the art program hear really helped me to become a better artist. I have also chose to take art in 6th grade because I want to learn more about art and how it works. I think it was really fun when we made the rainbow serpent at AIR. I painted a lot of bottles which then were put into place. I love art and the way I improved from the beginning of the year which wasn't to good to the end of the year which is really pretty good. 

Exhibition - I am really proud of the UOI segment of the Exhibition. I am proud of it because I think we all worked really hard on it and had fun through the process. I like the feeling that it started from a simple idea and grew to a gym full of kids with tons of ideas. Even though my group had some rough spots we still made it all the way and I am just really proud of that.

Religions Essay & Historical Fiction Story - I think these two writing peaces are the best I have ever written and I am proud of them because I was really committed to them and they both turned out to be amazing. Here is a comment given by my teacher on May 29th 2010 about my historical fiction story "I really liked the way that you wrote this story, it has an interesting perspective. Have you read any stories similar to this one to give you the idea? Well done!". I am proud of my self for writing both of these things, my Historical Fiction Story and my Religions Essay.

Camp - I am really proud of myself at camp because I really showed how much of a risk-taker I am. I am really proud of that because I have a fear of heights (falling) but I did it anyway. I learned how to conquer that fear and I had a great time. Also I learned how to abseil, rock clime and go across a zip line. I learned, conquered and liked new things so I am really proud of myself.  

Goals - I am really proud of my goals achievement because I have achieved almost all my goals like learn more about Net-Ball, do good on the Exhibition and blog more. I blog a little but I definitely think I have improved.  

Choir - I am really proud of my Choir improvement because I think I really did well when it came to singing. I think it was hard being the only boy but fun performing and practicing. Learning Choir was one of my achieved goal and that makes me proud.

Chinese Clothing - I am really proud of the UOI segment about the Chinese clothing. We were all put into groups of three or four. No one in my group knew how to make clothing but we did anyway and that is what I am proud of because we had no experience or idea of how to make clothing. Of course we didn't just start making clothing it was after all the process like research, planning and buying. My favorite part was the buying because my group as well as all the other group got to go and pick out just the right cloth for us. After that we started putting it all together. Stitching, cutting, measuring and stress! The final thing to do was to show it off at the fashion show witch was easy but got us all nervous. So i am proud of all the process.   

Thank you for listening or reading my student led conference I hope you enjoyed learning about what I was proud of through out the year. I hope you also found out what I am learning on an every day basis, thank you for listening.
1. The thing my group did well was organizing our work and showing it off at the Exhibition. We also had good knowledge on Pink Dolphins and we were able too tell what we did when people asked us. We also had a good understanding on what people asked us (what they wanted to know).Our group found research and SOMETIME worked well together. Last we did really well when other group members had to go to jobs. When ever it was one of ours turn we managed the booth really well.

2. What I did well was tell people what I knew when people asked me and that when ever Omer and Phoebe was gone on a job I managed the booth really well. I also did really well on the jobs and I also did god in the process like helping with posters and finding research about Pink Dolphins. I also did the bibliography (Bib Me).

3. I think I could have improved on, through out the Exhibition goofing off. Sometimes I goofed off but I think that's what I need to improve on and maybe not being so shy when people come around. I did good but I was shy and nervous.  
This me and Omer at the Exhibition. Me and Omer are trying to save Pink Dolphins.
This is a picture of all of us wearing our Exhibition t-shirts. COOL!
This is when I took a picture of Dom by his stand. Dom is trying to save Sharks.
This video is short but it is when the 6th graders came to our Exhibition. I liked it because my brother is in 6th grade and I got to see him. I also got to see some people from 6th grade that were my friends too. 
Today was great! The day started with a while of fixing up things and getting ready. At about 11:15 the 4th graders came to look at our Exhibition. Teachers and 4th grades came to our stand(the pink dolphin group) and watched our presentation and movie(xtranormal). At about 1:00 the 7th graders came. Business was slow with the 7th graders because there wasn't that many but also because no one was really coming to our booth. The comment boxes had some comments in them and the guest book had some signatures in it. That night we had the big exhibition when the parents come. There was a lot of food, A LOT. So until about 8:00 we went home and that was the day. 
On Saturday I went to the Kelly Clarkson concert in Macao!!! It was my first concert ever. It was also probably the best one I will EVER see in my entire life!!! About 98 percent of the song she sang I knew but of course I knew all of her songs. At the concert was also Thomas.S, Dorothy, Alice and I think Sidhonie went too. It was amazing and on this post I put a picture of Kelly Clarkson!!! Anyway I clapped but mostly watched because it was my first so I just wanted to watch. Kelly Clarkson was really good and she sang a lot of song she liked. I got to say that her band was really good too like at the beginning the band did a mash up. My favorite instrument that they played was either the guitar, drums or DJ (the DJ played really well but not my fav). This picture was for the concert in Macao             
This is the rubric I assets myself on in my Pink Dolphins group.  
   I have done many things in my Exhibition group like, I made up the Marine Club and everyone liked it. I did the poster for the Marine Club to. I also did the Xtranormal although Phoebe did the script.
   I still have to get some petition signings, attach that to the letter I did but my mentor edited and send that to the person in Beijing. Of course some more things will come up for our club.
   I don't have any concerns about the Exhibition except for one. I am concerned about the club. We might not have much advertisement for it because of the time we have but I said might.
   I am really proud of when we (me and Omer) went on the field trip and got all our questions answered.
   The people that come to the Exhibition and come and look at our presentation will learn about Pink Dolphins, the action we took, why we chose this to be our topic and what we did.